Shopping an Asian pastime: survey

SINGAPORE, July 19, 2006 (AFP) – Shopping for shopping’s sake has become a “national pastime” for many Asian countries, a global online survey said Wednesday.
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Seven of the top 10 markets that shop once a week for recreation all hail from the region, the survery by ACNielsen said.

The survey of 22,000 Internet users in 42 markets found that 74 percent of the world’s consumers admit to shopping as entertainment when they do not need anything.

Singaporeans, Hong Kongers and Thais rank the highest in the world for shopping twice week for something to do, ACNielsen said.

In Singapore, nine out of 10 respondents claimed to go shopping for entertainment.
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Singapore was also the only Asian country aside from Japan among the top 10 countries where people found clothes shopping “therapeutic”, according to the poll by ACNielsen, a market information provider with offices around the world.

One-third of respondents in the booming Chinese market and one-fifth in another emerging powerhouse, India, said shopping for clothes is their favourite activity.

“Shopping has become a national pastime in many Asian countries and is so entrenched in the lifestyl

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