Short Haul

International tourist traffic could dip to 900 mn tourists from earlier targets of 1 bn in 2010, as global events radically alter the dynamics of future travel.rnrn

Travel dictated by global terrorism, disease and weak economies have cut back on long haul travel with as much as 80 percent visiting lquote close-to-home.rn

rn”About 80 percent of international arrivals recorded were trips within the region, with only 30 percent being long-haul travel. This is a call for us to use our future planning to take on this reality,” Regional Representative for Asia Pacific, World Tourism Organisation (WTO), Xu Jing said Tuesday.rn

rnHovering around 700 mn arrivals now, four years of lost growth due to weak economies, SARS and terrorism has shaved off the numbers, though growth is expected to surge this year.rn

rnWorld over, the industry lost 8.6 mn tourists last year, with a 2 percent decrease in international tourism receipts or a loss of US$ 514 bn.rn

rn”Most travel was intra-regional. Japan has alwa

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