Sinhala Code

Ensuring the life of the Sinhalese language in the computers era, a fresh draft font standard is now in circulation for public comment.
This proposed standard provides a coding of the set of Sinhala characters for use in computer and communication. rn

rnThis standard character code set specifies a 7-bit code table (out of 16 bits generally used to represent commands in computer programming language) which may be used in line with the requirements outlined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).rn

rnIn addition to storage, retrieval and machine-to-machine communication in Sinhala, it also includes provisions to co-exist with other languages as specified in other international standards. rn

rnInformation Communications Technology (ICT) industry officials say that Sri Lanka needs a comprehensive set of standard Sinhalese fonts to supports its foray into the computer era and e-government. rn

rnCurrently, all citizen service offices that run a computer network, parallel to thei

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