Sinking Ship

Cabinet spokesperson Jeyraj Fernadopulle said Tuesday, that there might be lquote no other alternative but another election, if Parliament continues to be volatile.
ldblquote We are prepared to go back before the people once again if necessary. We are ready to go for an election if this is the situation
dblquote , Fernandopulle told journalists.


rnldblquote If we go on like this and we cant go on with work in Parliament, then there is no other alternative
dblquote , he said.rn

rnTwo monks were hospitalised on Tuesday, after a brawl broke out in Parliament between government and opposition Members of Parliament. rn

rnThe scuffle broke out as the ruling Alliance party allegedly tried to block Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) candidate Akmeemana Dayaratne from taking oaths.rn

rnBut Fernandopulle says Speaker J.M. Lokubandara violated a District Court injunction restraining the MP from sitting in parliament or taking oaths.

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rnDayaratne was supposed to replace another MP priest who broke ranks with

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