SLT further boost businesses in the post Covid-19 era


SLT Digital Info Services (Pvt) Ltd (SLTDS), the Digital Marketing and Directory Information Services arm of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT), is proud to announce that it’s SLT RAINBOW PAGES (RBP) national business directory information search facility has been improved tremendously, both in online and offline mediums.

As a result of the technological advancement in local search capabilities while complying with global search engine standards, is capable of achieving around 10,000 daily online purposeful searches or daily visits and around 100 numbers of concurrent searches running at every single minute as real-time searches. The printed version of RAINBOW PAGES shows its continuous sustainability by maintaining the trust of its advertisers, improved business information and accessibility, an increasing number of product & service classifications, and most importantly enabling every listing on the printed version to be featured in the online version as an added value for advertisers’ investments.  

In order to become the largest and most preferred marketing partner for the business community in the country over the past years, SLT RAINBOW PAGES, the national telephone directory, has evolved into different mediums to ensure that information is accessible from wherever you are, at any time you want it, in any manner you want it. This info-rich directory is available on multiple mediums: print, web, e-directory which is available on CD, 24-hour call centre and mobile app.

“At present, SLTDS has formed a fully-fledged digital marketing solutions arm to build its valued customers’ online presence by creating websites, and a host of digital and social media advertising solutions. The company also provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services including analytic services to help grow online presence of businesses and create more opportunities for them. With a wide range of digital marketing services, we are committed to empower the citizens of Sri Lanka to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with modern facilities at competitive prices. As such, I invite the entire business community to get onboard our multi-channel platform,” said Mr. Malraj Balapitiya, CEO of SLT Digital Info Services (Pvt) Ltd.

SLTDS provides the advantage of the high SEO ranking of its website to help boost businesses that have already been listed in local search results. Through this initiative, all the RBP listed customers are empowered to build trust of their customers by adding certifications and images of their products and services.

SLT RAINBOW PAGES, in both print and online forms, is a very comprehensive and informative guide rather than a mere telephone directory; thus it helps people arrive at right decisions efficiently. Over 6000 business organizations, including blue chip companies in Sri Lanka, have trusted SLT RAINBOW PAGES to convey their message to consumers, whilst millions of people access SLT RAINBOW PAGES globally to fulfill their directory information needs. As the only National Business Directory in Sri Lanka, SLT RAINBOW PAGES helps create over a million of business-to-business (B2B), business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions annually.

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