Small Talk

Chandi Dharmaratne

Sept 18 (LBO) –Telco operator Lanka Bell said Monday it was re-branding its short message service through fixed line phones, to appeal to a wider audience.

The investment has paid off rich dividends, with Lanka Bell’s customer base soaring by more than 90,000.

A company official said subscriber base had now topped 300,000 following new investments of around 65 million dollars.

Updated 19 Sept

Users can send short messages over its fixed line phones using CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology, now called ˜Keti Katha’ for Sinhalese users, at a cost of 75 cents a message, Lanka Bell said in a statement.

œThe objective is to differentiate from the generic term. The short message service will be called Keti Katha for Sinhalese users and ˜kurum pechchu’ in Tamil for the Tamil community, a spokesperson for the company, said.

œWe have a lot of users in the rural areas and the re-invented names will make them feel more at home when they use it.

Lanka Bell also has an email service over its fixed line phones. Customers can get an email address and an account set up on registration.

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