Smoking Out

June 14, 2008 (LBO) – Laugfs Eco Sri, a unit of Sri Lanka’s Laugfs gas distributor, plans to launch a sample testing centre next month to test vehicle exhaust emissions ahead of the imposition of new emission standards. The government has said vehicles that do not meet proposed exhaust emission standards will not be given revenue licences when testing become mandatory for owners to get the annual licenses.

The move is part of efforts to improve the air quality in the island, especially in Colombo, where pollution levels are high owing to a concentration of vehicles.

The government has selected two firms to establish testing centres around the island to issue emission certificates for owners when they become mandatory to obtain the annual revenue licenses.

The two firm are CleanCo Lanka, a subsidiary of Akbar Brothers, and Laugfs Eco Sri.

The testing centers set up by the two firms to issue emission certificates will be accredited by the Commissioner of Motor traffic.

Shamal Boteju, general manager of group company Laugfs Petroleum, said they intend setting up 16 centres as well as 10 mobile units by November.

“The government has asked us to start a sample testing centre on July 15 to be r

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