Soothing Balm

Finance Minister K N Choksy has appointed a committee to look into raising salaries of the Police force.
Salaries of the armed forces and the police, were revised upwards from January, as part of an overall increment for government employees.rn

rnBut the police force is not too happy with the 10 percent or Rs. 1,250 increment. rn

rnGrades above the Inspectors were raised during last three years. Hence the committee will consider an increment for ranks below the Inspectors grades.rn

rnldblquote Members of the armed forces will receive the salary increase announced in the budget,
dblquote the Finance Ministry said in a release on Monday.rn

rnThe special committee is chaired by R Paskeralingam, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. Romesh Bandaranaike, Advisor to the Finance Ministry and officials of the Treasury, Public Administration and the Police Dept.rn


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