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SPIKE – Meetup for Sri Lanka’s Tech Startup Ecosystem

Sri Lanka’s tech startup ecosystem is small but slowly gathering momentum.

Over the past year, a monthly meetup called SPIKE Night has been the regular meeting point for startup entrepreneurs and others from the tech ecosystem. Unlike more formal events, SPIKE is intentionally casual.

It’s a meetup where where tech startups and entrepreneurs get an opportunity to talk with each other, including investors, mentors and a curious audience.

At every SPIKE, a couple of entrepreneurs will give lightning talks sharing their expernece, and afterwards, the night is left for people to connect or reconnect and for conversations to flow and expand.

The next SPIKE will be help on Thursday 29th October at 6:30pm at Barefoot Gallery Cafe. Entry is free. Lightning talks will be given by Indi Samarajiva from YAMU and by Alexander Löwbäck from Ikman.

Spike Colombo Sam de Silva

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7 years ago

I am all for start ups. But when looking for mentors, one should look for serious boys who have made a few million $, in the bank. There is no point getting advice, from guys who have not made it.

7 years ago

Well i think it is a great gathering and appreciate the inattentiveness taken to organize something as such,,, i am very positive this would help many individuals and make way for new ideas and creativeness