Sri Lanka central bank sells rare coins online, notes to follow

Aug 08, 200 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s central bank has started online sales of old and commemorative coins which are sought after by collectors worldwide, with old notes also put on the block soon, a top official said. Governor Nivard Cabraal said old notes would also be made available to collectors in the near future and an assessment of the stocks and their market value was now underway.

“We will be putting limited quantities of notes and coins on sale every year,” Cabraal said.

He said the bank had large stocks of some coins, but small stocks of others, which are expected to be sold out quickly.

Though a full assessment of the notes and coins in the vaults were still underway, it is estimated that the stocks were worth about a billion Sri Lankan rupees Cabraal said.

Some of the coins on sale are unused and were in mint conditions but circulated coins were also available in presentation packs as well as uncirculated commemorative coins, some of which were in gold and silver.

The virtual shop at the monetary authority’s website went online with the purchase of two coins by former central bank Governor A S Jayawardena.

“We had a lot of treasure in our vaults,” former Governor A S Jayaward