Sri Lanka cruise ship calls pick up after war

Dec 03, 2009 (LBO) – Calls by cruise ships to Sri Lanka, which were greatly reduced during the height of the ethnic war, are picking up with the latest operator to launch visits to Sri Lanka being Louis Cruises India. The number of visitors to the island picked up immediately after the war ended in May and the hotel industry is reporting full bookings in the forthcoming winter season. The island’s Tourism Promotion Bureau said it is to sign a deal next week with Louis Cruises India, part of the Louis Cruises group, which is the fifth largest cruise operator in the world.

A cruise ship operated by Louis Cruises India is to start calling Colombo port from December 07, 2009, Tourism Promotion Bureau officials said.

The cruise line is offering a four days/ three nights cruise to Colombo from the southern Indian port of Cochin.

It also offers short cruises of two days/ one night on the high seas off Cochin as well as slightly longer ones of four days/ three nights in the Maldives.

Colombo used to be a regular port of call for cruise ships sailing in the Indian Ocean.

But many cruise calls were cancelled and the port was dropped off the itinerary of cruise lines operating in the Indian Ocean as the