Sri Lanka finds bodies of five victims killed execution-style

March 3, 2007 (AFP) – The bodies of five men shot in the head with their hands tied together and blindfolded were found Saturday by Sri Lankan police, who called the deaths an apparent “execution-style killing”. The grisly find in a marsh at Kandana, 15 kilometres (10 miles) north of the capital, was made after a child spied one of the bodies in the marsh, a police spokesman said.

“We suspect the men may have been killed about a week ago and dumped there,” the spokesman said, adding forensic tests would be carried out later on Saturday.

“We don’t know who the victims are,” the spokesman said, adding that the men had their hands tied behind their backs and were blindfolded.

“It appears to be an execution-style killing,” the spokesman said. Both local and international human rights activists have said abductions and killings are rampant in Sri Lanka amid an escalation of fighting between government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels in a 35-year-old ethnic conflict.

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