Sri Lanka Hayleys in wind energy; boosts hydro power capacity

June 21, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Hayleys group is building a 10MegaWatt wind power plant in the island’s Western coast and is planning to boost it hydro power capacity to 15Mega Watts, the company said. In the year to March 2008 the power and energy sector has shown a 53 percent return on 709 million rupees of capital employed, according to published data.

Hayleys has also developed a plant that uses waste heat from its activated carbon factories to generate electricity.

The 10 MW wind power plant is being built at Nirmalapura in the Kalpitiya peninsular in Puttalam, Hayleys energy sector chief Mervyn de Silva said.

The site will have seven 1.5MW turbines. After gaining approvals the company is now evaluating turbines, he said.

The company says it will add 10MW of capacity to its hydro generation side to bring the total up to 15MW.

It is already running a wholly owned Bagya Hydropower, 1MW plant in Eheliyagoda which generates about 4 GigaWatt hours of energy a year.

In Neluwa, it is running a 2.2 MW plant in a joint venture with Lanka Ventures, which can generate 9.5GigaWatt hours of energy a year.

The group has also built three power plants with Talawakelle Tea Est

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