Sri Lanka Hilton says multiple revenue streams cushions tourism hit

August 30, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Hilton Hotel is less affected than resort hotels by the drop in tourist numbers since it has multiple revenue streams, officials said. The hotel, which is owned by a Colombo listed company with state-ownership, is operated by the Hilton Hotels Corporation chain that has over 2,800 hotels in 76 countries.

Hilton, which had 100 percent occupancy during the last three weeks, says the hotel’s focus on different revenue channels cushions the impact of the drop in tourist arrivals.

“As a city center hotel in Colombo, we have many different revenue streams that are not tourist based such as the corporate businessmen, event organizers, meetings, food and beverage activities and the rental of restaurants and bars for weddings,” William Costley, general manager of Hilton Colombo told reporters.

As a policy to maintain a better service, the hotel says it does not reduce rates to lure customers.

“Many international clients are not much interested in how much it costs, but what level of service we provide. We have a policy not to reduce rates because of lesser demand.”

The hotel which is celebrating 21 years in the island nex

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