Sri Lanka Janashakthi, Kayjay in home security insurance deal

April 20, 2008 (LBO) – Insurers have been collaborating with banks to sell their services for years, but a tie up with a security firm looking after daytime-unoccupied homes is gaining a lot of interest. . People are getting busier and there is more work pressure and more females are also working so most of the time the homes are empty, explains Ravi Liyanage who heads marketing at Janashakthi Insurance.

Janashakthi, a family controlled insurance company, says its partnership with Kayjay to offer sophisticated home security systems to clients has helped boost its previously sagging home insurance business.

There are many thefts, abductions and lootings happening today, says Rajesh Kanna, Marketing Manager of Kayjay Group which provides the security system for Janashakthi home policy holders.

At the heart of the security system are small CCTV or closed circuit television cameras that are activated by movement.

This security system is sophisticated. If a burglar strikes when the home is empty and he crosses this beam it triggers an SMS or a voice mail to your mobile phone, says Liyanage, of Janashakthi pointing to the infrared monitors attached to the CCTV camera