Sri Lanka official reserves at USD7.5bn by end January

Feb 07, 2020 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s gross official reserves were 7.5 billion US dollars (USD7,526mn) by the end of January, down from 7.6 billion US dollars in December, the latest Central Bank data showed.

By the end of January, the foreign currency reserves were 6,516.2 million dollars while the reserve position in the IMF was 65.9 million dollars.

Special Drawing Rights were 7.3 million, reserves in Gold were 935.6 million and other reserve assets were one million US dollars.

The outstanding stock of T-bills and T-bonds held by foreigners has decreased by 1.05 percent during the reporting week compared to the previous week.

During the year up to 07 February 2020, the Sri Lanka rupee appreciated against the US dollar by 0.2 percent.

India, China, UK, Russia and Germany were the top five sources of tourist arrivals, accounting for 50.8 percent of total tourist arrivals in the month of January.

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