Sri Lanka poultry breeder shifts to modern facility

April 13, 2008 (LBO) – Poultry breeder Three Acre Farms Limited (TAFL) plans to relocate some of its operations to a facility which is being fitted with modern farming equipment and infrastructure, the company said. “Over the next two years, the commercial broiler operation at Bulathsinghala will be relocated and the existing facility will be converted in to a breeder farm,” the group said in its annual report.

Some of the operations now at its farm in Bulathsinghala will be re located to a new facility at Hijra Farm.

The group in 2007 posted 61.4 million rupee profit over 3.2 million, one year back.

Group revenue also increased to 924.5 million from 685.9 million rupees.

The group was able to cushion the rising cost of production from the higher raw material costs by increasing productivity, the report said.

Following the increase in selling price of day old chicks, “the price hike and the marginal increase in demand volumes buffered the enormous production costs and helped TAFL to stabilise its finances and generate profits,” the company says.

The cost of sales was 790.1 million rupees in 2007, up from 651.8 million in 2006.

TAFL was acquired by Ceylon Grain Elevators in 1992