Sri Lanka president offers spiritual healer help to Beckham

March 27, 2010 (AFP) – Sri Lanka’s president has offered the services of his spiritual healer and personal physician to help injured footballer David Beckham get back on the field within three days. White, who says he has had “special powers” since the age of 12, studied traditional medicine.

He then began treating thousands of patients using medicinal herbs from India, the seat of ayurveda, an ancient healing practice that includes medicines, meditation and diets practised on the Indian subcontinent.

White has worked as Rajapakse’s personal physician since 2005. He says he does not charge for his services, but the request for treatment must come from the president. Eliyantha Lindsay White, 37, President Mahinda Rajapakse’s personal physician, told AFP that the former England captain had been invited for treatment involving “faith and ayurveda.”

An official at the president’s office said it had sent an invitation to Beckham to visit the island for traditional treatment after a string of Indian sports stars claimed they were helped by White.

“I am ready to treat him,” White said. “His condition can be easily treated and within three days he will be able to go back to playing.