Sri Lanka president promises Asia’s miracle

Jan 12, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s president Mahinda Rajapaksa said he wanted to make Sri Lanka ‘Asia’s miracle’ if elected to a second term and also vowed to combat corruption, a key battle cry of the island’s opposition. “We want to change people leaving the country and make it an attraction for people,” Rajapaksa said launching his manifesto Monday.

“We want to make Sri Lanka Asia’s miracle.”

“We are building enough infrastructure for the next 100 years. Only upgrades will now have to be made.”

He also promised to combat corruption.

“You can’t develop a country when the corrupt is shouting against corruption,” he said. “After the 27th I’m dedicating all my time and effort to rid corruption.”

“We are going to put an end to the era of politicians giving broken promises.”

Sri Lanka was ranked number 97 in an index compiled by Transparency International, an anti corruption watchdog, in 2009.

In the last four years Sri Lanka has slipped 13 places on the corruption index.

Political analysts have said that a government based on rule of law and its ability to deliver law and order and other services has been undermined since 1972 when a new republican constitution was introduced.