Sri Lanka private flying revival in the offing

July 29, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s civil aviation authority is considering giving approval for the operation of more private aircraft, the use of which was severely restricted and sometimes banned during the ethnic war. But the Tigers were defeated by government forces in May and flying restrictions are being eased with the end of the war.

Dissanayake told LBO the civil aviation authority was also considering requests from the three private domestic carriers to bring in more planes to expand their fleets as well as requests to set up more flying schools. Director General of Civil Aviation Parakrama Dissanayake said several requests from private companies and individuals to buy light aircraft were now being processed.

The civil aviation authority has to seek the approval of other agencies like the defence ministry.

The defence ministry banned private flying for several years during the war and even when the ban was eased private airlines operated under tough restrictions.

The restrictions were a precaution against the use of aircraft for attacks by the Tamil Tiger rebels.

The Tigers managed to acquire a handful of light aircraft which they used for attacks on a few occasions, although without cau

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