Sri Lanka receive Japanese grant for community development

Mar 11, 2011 (LBO) – The Japanese government handed over an 18 million rupee grant to two community development organizations for development projects in Sri Lanka’s Ratnapura and Trincomalee districts.

The Association of Social Activities Development Sri Lanka (ASAD) was the recipient of a 10 million rupee grant for a conflict affected community development project in the islands eastern Trincomalee district.

The project will support agricultural and fishery activities of resettled communities in the Seruwila divisional secretariat.

A tank will be rehabilitated while a fishery centre will also be set up and agricultural and fishery equipment and seeds and plants will also be distributed among the community under this program.

The project will directly benefit 1,520 families while indirectly helping 3,500 families in the area.

Another eight million rupee grant was given to the Community Development Foundation for a plantation sector community development project.
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The project will help improve hygiene and living environment of communities in three estates and two schools in the Ratnapura district.

“Problems are education and water sources in this area,

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