Sri Lanka refugees get more EU aid

June 24, 2009 (LBO) – The European Commission is giving 5 million Euros to help mainly ethnic Tamil refugees held in camps in northern Sri Lanka, on top of 37 million euros of humanitarian aid to the island since 2007. The latest tranche will be given for relief organizations and UN agencies to help 280,000 refugees in northern Sri Lanka held in camps while the government searches for Tamil Tiger separatist suspects among them.

Louis Michel, European commissioner for development and humanitarian aid said the EU was helping complement the efforts of Sri Lankan authorities in meeting the “enormous humanitarian challenge” of 280,000 displaced living in “very difficult conditions.”

“However, in order to properly implement assistance, European Commission relief experts and international aid agencies must have regular and consistent access to the displaced,” Michel said in a statement.

The money will go for water and sanitation, health and nutrition and non-food relief items ranging from clothes, hygiene kits and mosquito nets to infant kits.

EU says after the 2004 tsunami he it gave 42 million Euros in humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka.