Sri Lanka roads closed to keep economy stable

Sep 06, 2009 (LBO) – Some of Sri Lanka’s roads will remain closed despite the end of a 30-year civil war to prevent a post-Soviet style collapse of the economy, the island’s prime minister told Thai investors. “It is true the ongoing battle is over but we are still unearthing and finding various things that have been planted in various parts of the country such as Colombo and suburbs,” prime minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake told a business forum in Colombo Tuesday.

“Do you remember what happened to the Soviet Union under Gorbachev? He opened the roads immediately and what happened? The entire country collapsed. We can’t afford to do that.”

In May 2009, the leadership of the Tamil Tiger separatists was wiped out, ending a 30-year conflict.

The Sri Lankan premier said despite the military victories, security forces have detected explosives in and around the capital Colombo recently.

“In fact about a week ago we traced a package of 20 kilograms of explosives and we unearthed so many jackets of suicide bombers. So we can’t still open the roads,” he said.

Roads in Colombo are cordoned-off without prior notice to allow government bigwigs to pass through. Many roads have security checkpoint

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