Sri Lanka says economic sanctions no help in fighting terror

June 26, 2008 (LBO) – Economic pressure on Sri Lanka by the international community at a time when the Tamil Tigers are targeting
the economy is not helping in the struggle against terror, a senior diplomat has said. Foreign Affairs Ministry secretary Palitha Kohona said the Tamil
Tigers, consistent with the strategy of other terrorist groups who
seek to cripple the economies of target countries, has aimed its
sights at the economy of the country.

“It is a strategy which appears to be succeeding to some extent,
unfortunately due to the conscious or unwitting acquiescence of
certain international players.

“The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) has attacked major
economic targets in the country, and has threatened to continue such
attacks,” Kohona said.

“Unfortunately, against this obvious background, we also hear talk of
trade concessions being withdrawn, development assistance being
reduced and harsher economic conditions being imposed by our
international partners.

“This approach does not help at a time this country is struggling to
maintain its democracy and its democratic institutions in the face of
the LTTE’s determined efforts to cripple it economically,” he said in
a public

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