Sri Lanka seasonal teas fetch high prices

Aug 06, 2009 (LBO) – Prices of Sri Lankan teas grown in the central highlands that showed the ‘Uva’ seasonal flavour shot up sharply at this week’s Colombo auctions, brokers said. Teas grown in the Uva and Udapussellawa regions of the island’s central hills are much sort after by overseas buyers during the quality season usually in August and September.

Brokers Asia Siyaka Commodities said buyers for Japan, the European continent and the UK were active for seasonal teas from the estates of regional plantations companies at the auctions this week.

“There was more general demand in the ex-estate catalogues with seasonal teas continuing to attract special inquiry,” they said in a market report.

“Early seasonal Udapussellawa‚ĄĘs were dearer 10 to 20 rupees a kilo. Others were fully firm.”

The best Uva ‘BOP’ type teas moved up 50 to 100 rupees a kilo following quality, the brokers said.

Corresponding ‘BOPF’ type teas rose 50 rupees a kilo and more but teas that were of pooerer quality fell in price.

Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers said prices of low grown teas, cultivated by small farmers in the south, mostly fell at this week’s auctons.