Sri Lanka seeks to lure visitors with local cuisine

Oct 16, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lankan cuisine should be promoted as a new attraction for tourists that will give the local tourism industry a better edge and greater yields, officials with the tourism bureau say. Sri Lanka, with an array of different food items has ignored the qualities of food and has not paid enough attention to promote it, Renton De Alwis, Chairman, Sri Lanka Tourist Promotion and Convention Bureau says.
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“Today the customer or the visitor to Sri Lanka and to other places is very discerning. They are looking for experiencing things,”

“They do not look forward to coming in to a place and enjoying the beach or the sun (only). They want an experience and cuisine can offer them that experience,” De Alwis told LBO.

Out of the three dimensions of taste, the look and the nutritional value, hotels have only been promoting taste so far.

The dimension of ‘the look’ was limited to a simple buffet table in a dinning lounge.

The island’s various types of cuisine abundant in taste, must be presented in better ways than before to make dinning a better experience, worth spreading the word about, De Alwis says.

Even cuisine such as the ‘ambula’, a collection of curries and rice, w

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