Sri Lanka sells US$190mn 2-year bonds

Aug 11, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has sold 190 million US dollars of 2-year bonds at an average yield of 449.8 basis points above the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) the government’s debt office said. Today’s LIBOR rate was 0.91 percent, the debt office said.

On June 19, Sri Lanka sold 115.8 million US dollars in 2-year bonds, when 50 million US dollars of securities were rolled over.

The bonds were sold at a weighted average premium of 497 basis points above 6-month LIBOR, higher than this week’s issue.

The bond has a settlement date of August 18. In a related development the Central Bank said 270 million US dollars had flowed into rupee Treasuries from mid-May to August 10.

Update II Sri Lanka originally called for offers to sell 150 million in 2-year bonds with 175 million US dollars of bond maturing this month.

The debt office said 195.5 million US dollars of bids were received.