Sri Lanka should reach out to Tamil: US envoy nominee

WASHINGTON, June 16, 2009 (AFP) – Sri Lanka needs to reach out to its Tamil minority and improve conditions for hundreds of thousands of displaced after defeating Tiger rebels, the nominee to be the next US ambassador said Tuesday. Patricia Butenis, testifying in a Senate confirmation hearing, said she would also press Sri Lanka to bring to justice those responsible for extrajudicial killings and attacks on the media.

“Our main message to the Sri Lankan government is don’t lose this opportunity,” said Butenis, a career diplomat who was recently deputy chief of mission in Baghdad and has been ambassador to Bangladesh.

“The focus is to have the Tamil population understand that they have a future in their own country, in a unified Sri Lanka, and that the government itself has to appreciate that and work with the international community, I think, a little bit more than it has to date.”

The Tigers, who were seeking a separate Tamil homeland for more than three decades, were defeated last month when government troops annihilated a rebel leadership reduced to a sliver of land.

More than 300,000 displaced Tamils are living behind barbed wire in squalid camps. The government says it must weed out those who belonged to the