Sri Lanka slums to get facelift with UN, private sector help

June 14, 2007 (LBO) – The United Nations Habitat section has teamed up with Sri Lanka’s urban development ministry to improve living conditions of low income families living in the capital city’s slums. The program was launched by the UN Human Settlement Program with the help of Ministry of Urban Development and Emerging Markets Group (EMG) in Sri Lanka on Thursday.

The EMG, an international development consulting firm that serves donor agencies and sovereign governments in innovative financing mechanisms for housing development, opened an office in Colombo last week.

The program will develop projects to promote affordable housing, upgrade slums and provide urban infrastructure in settlements in cities for low income households.

Communities, municipal councils, Non Governmental Organisations and the private sector will take part in the projects.

Institutional investors, commercial banks and property developers will also provide expertise and financial backing.

“Sri Lankan low income families now have a great opportunity to help themselves in developing their houses and their living standards,” Ayanthi Gurusinghe the EMG County Coordinator said.

“We will pilot the concept i

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