Sri Lanka spy scandal prompts calls for Indian intelligence revamp

Oct 09, 2007 (LBO) – The recent recall of India’s top spy in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo has prompted calls for greater oversight and transparency in Indian intelligence agencies, a media report said. Absence of such oversight, and an apparent unconcern that responsibility may be fixed for failures, had led to instances like the recent recall of a joint secretary-level RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) officer, Ravi Nair, from Colombo, The Times of India newspaper said.

Nair was recalled for what has been described as a liaison with a Chinese woman suspected to be a Chinese spy.

Nair’s posting to Colombo was a typical example of how a system of patronage functions in agencies, the newspaper said in a story headlined ‘Cover-up games intelligence agencies play’.

The tainted officer was appointed due to a retired RAW doyen, living in UK, prevailing with the current national security establishment.

Nair’s record was so questionable ” there were complaints during his earlier posting in Hong Kong including some concerning his personal affairs ” that he should never have been considered for a sensitive job, the paper said.

“Even now, it was only after Indian high commission

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