Sri Lanka suicide attack kills two

Feb 24, 2008 (AFP) – A suspected Tamil rebel suicide bomber killed two rival militants in eastern Sri Lanka on Sunday, officials said, as the government stepped up security in the capital to prevent new attacks. The suspected suicide attacker crashed his motorcycle into another motorbike carrying two members of a breakaway rebel faction in Batticaloa district, 300 kilometres (190 miles) east of Colombo, a local military official said.

“One man detonated the explosive immediately after crashing into the other bike, killing all three of them,” the official told AFP by telephone.

In the capital, police and other government forces launched a major security sweep on Sunday, one day after a parcel bomb exploded aboard a private bus, wounding at least 18 people.

Security forces sealed off all entry and exit points to Colombo, paralysing the city of 650,000 people.

Motorists waited in long lines at military checkpoints for vehicle inspections and ID checks.

Police spokesman N.K. Illangakoon said police had also stepped up awareness programmes to show bus and train commuters how to respond to a bomb threat.

Ten men, seven women and a child were admitted to hospital after suffering minor inj