Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger leader slams foreign powers, vows to hit back

Nov 27, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran Tuesday accused the international community of abandoning its efforts to find a peaceful solution to the island’s ethnic problem and vowed to hit back at government forces. Prabhakaran, in his annual policy speech, maintained his demand for a separate state for minority Tamils but made no formal declaration that the Tigers would withdraw from the ceasefire, which now exists only on paper, or the peace effort.

He described the reversals suffered by the Tigers in the east, where it has been driven out by government forces, as a strategic withdrawal and that the mainly Sinhalese government had over-estimated itself and its military overstretched.

“On this sacred day it is the hope of our people that the international community will cease giving military and economic aid to the Sinhala regime and accept the right to self determination and the sovereignty of the Tamil nation.”

The speech came at the end of a week of ceremonies to honour rebel dead and also marked Prabhakaran’s birthday.

Prabhakaran said “thousands” of fighters were standing ready to fight and continue the war for a separate state.

He said the “Sinhala mindset” has remained unchanged and

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