Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers ‘reorganise’ struggle for separate state

June 16, 2009 (AFP) – The few surviving leaders of Sri Lanka’s defeated Tamil Tigers announced Tuesday they were reorganising the rebel movement and forming a “transnational government.” The rebel group’s international relations chief, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, said in a recorded message that the organisation would continue to pursue its aim of a separate Tamil state despite the rout of its army and death of its leadership.

“The struggle of people of Tamil Eelam (the separate state the Tigers fought for) has reached a new state,” he said. “It is time now for us to move forward with our political vision towards our freedom.”

Pathmanathan, who is better known as K.P and worked as the group’s main international arms smuggler, said they were setting up what he called a “Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.”

He said their overseas-based legal advisor, Rudrakumaran Vishwanathan, would head a committee to decide a course of action that would be “within democratic principles.”

It is not clear from where Pathmanathan, who is wanted by Interpol for his arms smuggling operations, issued the voice message.

It comes nearly a month after the leader of the