Sri Lanka tells UN military campaign is to get Tigers to resume talks

Sept 26, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse has told the United Nations that his government’s military campaign was aimed at convincing the Tamil Tigers they cannot achieve a military victory in their campaign for a separate state. Addressing the UN General Assembly at its headquarters in New York Tuesday, Rajapakse called on the world body to conclude talks on a comprehensive convention on international terrorism without dragging them on further.

” . . . our goal remains a negotiated and honourable end to this unfortunate conflict, Rajapakse said, noting that the government’s recent military operations had been launched only to convince the Tigers that it would not be possible for them to obtain a military victory.

The government’s recent military victory over the Tigers in the east and the clearing of the region of terrorism has opened the way to make the province “a model for development and rehabilitation,” he said.

The clearing of the east offered an opportunity for the international community “to play a vital role in breaking the cycle of conflict by focusing on development.”

Rajapakse said Sri Lanka strongly endorsed efforts to strengthen UN mechanisms to counter fund-raising for illegal activities such