Sri Lanka terror attacks on civilians condemned

Jan 16, 2008 (LBO) – Tamil Tiger attacks which killed at least 28 civilians in south-eastern Sri Lanka Wednesday were condemned by the government as well as the United States. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in a statement, condemned the attacks and called on the people to be vigilant “in the face of provocation by terrorists (and) remain calm.”

He said the Tiger terrorists may be trying to show it was the government’s decision to abrogate the ceasefire that was the immediate cause for the carnage.

But he recalled how the Tigers carried out a “similar act of savagery” at Kebethigollawa, in the north-central province in July 2006, killing 67 people.

The Tigers attacks came as five-year truce formally ended Wednesday after the government said it was withdrawing from the ceasefire agreement as the Tigers had repeatedly violated it and refused to resume peace talks.

At least 26 people were killed when the Tigers blew up a passenger bus taking early morning commuters in south-eastern Buttala and then shot survivors.

The Tigers also killed two farmers in a separate attack in the same area later in the morning.

The United States said in a state