Sri Lanka Tigers lose seven, claim to be beat back offensive

Nov 2, 2007 (AFP) – Tamil Tiger guerrillas on Friday said they had beaten back two attacks by government forces in northern Sri Lanka with the loss of seven of their own fighters. The rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) said there were two attempts by government forces to break into territory they hold and both were thwarted.

In the heaviest fighting along the Wanni sector, the Tigers said they estimated military losses at 25 killed and 60 wounded on Thursday, but the military placed their losses at two killed and 12 wounded.

The military had also claimed killing 22 Tigers in the same sector and said security forces captured the bodies of eight guerrillas.

The LTTE reported losing only seven fighters there.

Independent verification of claims and counter claims over battle field casualties is rarely possible in Sri Lanka.

The latest attacks came just over a week after a Tiger suicide squad managed to virtually wipe out Sri Lanka’s fleet of spy planes in an attack on an air base at Anuradhapura, north of the capital. .

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