Sri Lanka to connect 30MW wind power this week

Aug 06, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s state-run Ceylon Electricity Board will connect 30MegaWatts of wind power from three privately owned wind power plants this week, pushing total capacity to 63MW, the islands, power ministry said. The three plants will contribute about 90 Giga Watt hours (millions of units) of energy a year, or about one percent of total demand.

Each plant had cost 2.4 billion rupees, the power ministry said.

One plant was built in Daluwa, Nirmalapura coast by Nirmalapura Windpower (Pvt) Ltd.

The second plant was near an existing coal plant in Kalpitiya built by Daily Life Renewable (Pvt) Ltd. It had eight wind turbines on 85 meter tall towers.

The third 10MW plant bordering a lagoon in Sethapola was built by Powergen Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

It had seven towers 65 meters high.

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