Sri Lanka Treasuries yields, CB T-bill stock up

Dec 22, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Treasuries yields edged up marginally at Tuesday’s auction the government’s debt office said, while the Treasury bill stock held by the Central Bank continued to climb. The 3-month yield edged up 07 basis points to 7.67 percent, the 6-month yield was also up exactly 07 percent, and the 12-month was kept flat at 9.32 percent.

The Central Bank said out of 8,000 million rupees of maturing bills, only 6,908 million was accepted from the real economy.

The central bank’s Treasury bill stock moved up to 30 billion rupees on December 21 from almost nothing a few months back. The bill stock can move up due to printing money to keep rates down, or due to foreign reserves appropriations by the state to repay external loans.