Sri Lanka warns Norway over truce deal as deadlock drags on

June 29, 2006 (AFP) – Sri Lanka warned peace broker Norway against any deal with Tamil Tiger rebels, just before Nordic nations ended a meeting Thursday without a decision on their truce-monitoring mission in the island. Sri Lanka’s top official coordinating peace efforts with Norway, Palitha Kohona, insisted there should be no unilateral action to change the ceasefire agreement of February 2002.

“It cannot be changed unilaterally according to the whims of one party,” Kohona told reporters. “The government must also be involved in the discussion.

“Whatever the decision that the SLMM (Swedish-led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission) arrives at in Oslo today, they need to come back to Colombo and talk to us,” Kohona added.

His remarks came just before five Scandinavian countries providing personnel to the SLMM wrapped up five hours of talks in Oslo Thursday, with no breakthrough announced to overcome the crisis facing Nordic truce monitors.

“We didn’t expect a dramatic announcement but we were hoping for something to take the process forward,” said a Sri Lankan official who declined to be named.

“We have still not resolved the issue of monitors.”

Norway called the meeting after the Tigers demanded that moni