Sri Lankan Airlines in discounted internet sales strategy

Jan 25, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lankan Airlines has launched a discounted online ticket sales program where cut price tickets can be bought by booking ahead, the company said, tapping the price-sensitive end of the market.

“We are giving these incredible discounts to almost all our destinations in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and the Far East.”

Discounted tickets are limited to flights operated by SriLankan Airlines, and are not available on codeshare deals with other airlines. The ‘Hot Seats’ branded program will offer tickets as low as 9,500 rupees to India. SriLankan is a full service airline, which has built a brand on offering high service standards, unlike no frills airlines.

“We want to counter the perception that Sri Lankan is an expensive airline,” SriLankan chief executive Manoj Gunewardene said.

The cut price internet sales program on is part of a series of strategies being rolled out to improve the profitability and capacity usage of the airline at a time when global travel is declining.

“First we removed our fuel surcharge on fares throughout almost our entire route network, and now the opportunity has come to provide low fare ‘Hot Seats’,” head of Worldwide

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