Sri Lankan Airlines lures ladies with feats of all-female flying crew

Mar 31, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lankan Airlines said it wants to encourage more young women to become pilots with the national carrier, pointing to recent flights by an all-female flying crew. Sri Lankan Airlines’ lady pilots have “quietly revolutionized” aviation in Sri Lanka, with several international flights being carried out by all-female crews, the airline said in a statement.

Captain Anusha Siriratne and Junior First Officer Madini Chandradasa were the first all-female crew, operating a flight from Colombo to Trichy and back on November 1, 2009. Each leg on an Airbus A320 aircraft took one hour.

They repeated the feat on New Year’s Day 2010 by flying to Karachi and returning, also in a twin-engined A320, with each flight taking three hours and forty minutes.

The airline currently has four ladies among its 189 pilots, the others being Senior First Officers Chamika Rupasinghe and Roshani Jinasena.

“Sri Lankan Airlines encourages more young women to seriously consider careers as airline pilots. As our first four lady pilots have proven, the sky is the limit,” the airline’s Head of Flight Operations, Captain Druvi Perera, said.

“Sri Lankan does not discriminate