Sri Lankan Airlines re-starts some European flights

Apr 21, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lankan Airlines said it has re-started flights to London, Paris and Milan after European aviation authorities relaxed restrictions, and is planning extra flights for stranded passengers.

“However, passengers should also call ahead several hours prior to flight departure to check on whether their flight is operating as scheduled,” the airline said.

“The situation is continuously changing due to wind patterns and further eruptions from the volcano.

“SriLankan, which has built a strong tradition of passenger safety, is closely monitoring the situation and is liaising with Eurocontrol on the latest situation.”

SriLankan has operated a flight to Paris and Milan early Wednesday. A flight to London is scheduled for later in the day.

“The airline is awaiting the latest information from Eurocontrol with regard to restarting flights to Frankfurt,” SriLankan said in a statement.

“Eurocontrol ( is the organization which has authority over all commercial flying in Europe.

“Services to Rome were not disrupted and are continuing as scheduled. The airline’s regular schedule consists of 19 flights per week to its five European destinations.”