Sri Lankan Airlines woos flyers with American Express deal

Jan 08, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lankan Airlines said it is trying to attract passengers by offering value added services to cope with the downturn in travel despite lower fuel costs and capacity cuts. Even though airlines have had relief with the drop in oil prices this has been far outstripped with the drop in consumer demand and even capacity cuts that most airlines have taken has not kept pace with the drop in demand, said Manoj Gunawardane, chief executive of Sri Lankan Airlines.

Therefore the stage is set for the battle for customers.

Sri Lankan has partnered with American Express platinum credit cards marketed by Nations Trusts Bank (NTB) to provide more services to attract flyers and as a loyalty measure to retain its existing customer base.

We need to reward loyalty. Loyalty for some means just a drop in price. You don’t exploit them, you give the best prices and that too we have taken into account on the campaign we started on the weekend called the ‘hot seat’.”

But he said not every customer is after price cuts.

“There are many customers that are after value and they do not only want a price reduction.

Once Sri Lankan flyers subscribe to t

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