Sri Lankan spice trade seeks to entice corporate sector

Nov 23, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lankan spice producers are urging the government to get big corporate plantations companies to grow more spice crops to meet growing global demand. “There is a need to grow more spices for export to the global markets,” the Spices and Allied Products Producers and Traders’ Association (SAPPTA) said in a statement.

“This can only be achieved by getting the plantation sector involved in producing spices.”

The association said there was great potential in increasing the island’s exports of cinnamon, pepper and cloves as there was a ready market for these spices in the world markets.

The association, which consists of producers, exporters and processors, said it wants the government to call a meeting of the plantation sector and all stake holders to see how spice production can be increased.

It also wants to see what support the government can give the corporate plantation sector to venture into the production of spices.

“SAPPTA is certain that this exercise of increasing production, if successful, can result in the export earnings from these spices going up from around one billion rupees to over three billion rupees.”


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