Sri Lankan underweight bread fools consumer minister

Mar 24, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s minister of consumer affairs has admitted being fooled by crafty bakers who sell underweight bread and exploit consumers.

Consumer affairs minister Bandula Gunawardena called on bakers to stick to a certain standard when making bread.

According to an investigation carried out by the consumer affairs authority most of the bread sold in Sri Lanka was below the accepted weight of one pound (450 grams) and were of poor quality.

“Even though there’s no price control it is better to sell a one pound loaf of bread than having different weight variations,” said Gunawardena.

“Our investigations reveled there were some bakeries that were selling bread weighing 450 grams and of good quality.

“But there were bakeries that were selling bread at half the recommended weight but were charging consumers for a loaf of bread weighing one pound.”

Gunawardena, speaking at a forum organized by the Sri Lanka Bakers Association, said the biggest problem faced by consumers is that they can’t identify an underweight loaf.

He recalled how a consumer once came to his ministry and presented him two loaves of bread.

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