Sri Lankans are encouraged to be poor by politicians: minister

June 20, 2009 (LBO) – Politicians are responsible for killing the entrepreneur spirit of Sri Lankans by making them believe ‘capitalism’ is evil and poverty is better, a senior minister has said.

Deng had originally studied and worked in France where he is said to have learned Marxism.

Under his rule, very basic reforms ranging from allowing peasants to sell surplus farm output in the open market to opening the doors to people associated with pre-revolution ‘capitalist’ classes the communist party unleashed the spirit of all the Chinese people.

Deng is credited with saying that he did not care whether a cat was white or black as long as it caught mice, a metaphor referring the importance of being productive rather than following a capitalist or communist ideology.

The Communists came to power in China following a period of hyper-inflation under the rule of Kuomintang, which increased public discontent.

It became easier for rulers to make people poor with the advent of paper money central banking and the collapse of the gold standard.

A paper fiat money central bank can be used to print money and steal the real incomes of people through inflation, taking away the pur