Sri Lanka’s astrologers eye World Cup win

April 24, 2007 (AFP) – Sri Lanka’s astrologers say the exact moment when the nation’s cricketers leave their hotel for the World Cup semi-final against New Zealand will determine if they will win It is not only the batsmen’s timing at the crease, but also their precise morning schedule that will decide the winner at Jamaica’s Sabina Park later on Tuesday.

In a country where even preparing a meal is often decided by the stars, Sri Lanka’s fortune-tellers are desperate to know when the team will leave for the ground.

Arisen Ahubudu, an astrologer known for deciding lucky code names for military operations, said the outcome will depend on the planetary position at the time that the Sri Lankans set out for the match.

“They will definitely win if they depart at an astrologically right time,” Ahubudu said — though he declined to say what the ideal time was.

Teams usually leave about two hours before the start of a match. The semi-final starts in Kingston at 9:30am local time (1430 GMT).

Fellow astrologer Priyantha Ratnayake, known for his controversial political predictions, said he saw a Sri Lankan win.

“(Veteran opener) Sanath Jayasuriya’s stars are placed on a wi