Sri Lanka’s energy minister says no new coal power plants in the future

Apr 06, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s power and energy minister says the country expects to run its power plants using gas and does not expect to make any new investments into coal power generating plants.

“We will run our power stations that is Kerawalapitiya and also Kelanitissa using gas and we will not install any new coal power plants and we will switch our power mix to gas giving us more energy security.” energy minister Champika Ranawaka said.
Last week the minister unveiled his plans to use the gas that was found in the Mannar basin to generate a minimum 1,000 Megawatts of electricity by 2020.

“We will form a National oil company and find a suitable partner get this gas to Kerawalapitiya. That is our ambitious plan,”

There are 20 blocks altogether, the Minister says and our entrepreneurs can find a bright future by investing in this.

“You can become the next Asian Rockefeller by doing this.” Ranawaka further said.

Reducing the dependence on coal will also have a positive environmental impact.

Scientists say, natural gas does not emit any particulates or sulphur dioxide like coal.

This will have favourable health impacts as well, particularly in terms of respiratory ailments.