Sri Lanka’s ‘Flying Tiger’ guerilla air force will face losses within months: analyst

May 17, 2007 (LBO) – The Tamil Tiger guerilla air wing will bear losses before the year-end as the military gains technology and experience to counter the little intruders, a former Sri Lanka air force commander said.


Third Dimension: Sri Lanka’s battle for air supremacy and the Tamil Tiger ‘Bedcheck Charlie’ strategy


The self-styled Tamileelam Air Force has intruded and bombed targets in government controlled areas including the capital Colombo at least three times, though authorities seem to be getting better at detecting the aircraft with each succeeding raid.

Borrowed Time

Military analysts say that Sri Lanka needs to equip its aircraft with air-to-air missiles and airborne target acquisition radar with a suitable fire control system and perhaps other facilities such as forward looking infra-red (FLIR) sensor systems to tackle the Flying Tigers.

“I do not know whether we have target acquisition radar in all our jets, but given time and money we can fill the gaps,” former Sri Lanka Air Force commander Air Marshall Harry Goonetilleke told LBO.

“I am sure an assessment has

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