Sri Lanka’s new Inland Revenue chief to strengthen staff capacity with more training

Mar 24, 2014 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Inland Revenue department says they intend to strengthen the capacity of the department’s staff by educating and providing further training for them.

“I want to ensure that the employees of the whole department are strengthened and made more capable through education, training and further qualifications.
This will allow them to perform their tasks and face future challengers in a more competent and confident manner,” new commissioner general, Inland Revenue department, Kalyani Dahanayake said.

“I intend to make higher education like post graduate courses and master’s degrees available to our officers either through the local or foreign universities.”

The new commissioner general who assumed duties following a formal ceremony in Colombo, Tuesday also said she wants to promote an exemplary and friendly service to the taxpayers of the country.

“The department should go forward with modest pride and be able to provide this very important service to the people in a friendly but exemplary manner.”

The new commissioner general has been with the department since 1981 apart from a short stint at the ministry of Finance and has a master’s degree in management and several other post – graduate qualifications.

“With her vast experience in the income tax field and her educational qualifications she will have no problem in facing the future and any challengers,” K.A.G. Abeyratne, deputy commissioner said while making his welcome address.

Dahanayake is the 22nd Inland Revenue commissioner general and is the fifth woman to hold the post.